Kara Marie Kneeland: Another Sweet Subject!

Kara Marie Kneeland: Another Sweet Subject!

Kristin and Patrick Kneeland, some long time friends, recently welcomed their daughter Kara Marie and we were so excited when they allowed us to photograph her! She was such an adorable subject, and we cranked out some awesome and very unique shots!
Little Kara was a quite the angel and very agreeable throughout the entire shoot.
Check them out!











A little Holiday Fun…

Congratulations Patrick and Kristin on your wonderful Bundle of Joy and Thank You again for letting us photograph her! It was a pleasure meeting Kara and hanging with you both! Definitely check out the rest of the images here!

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  1. Char Ekster (Raineys sister)

    The pictures of Kara were absolutely the best pictures I think I have ever seen of a baby. The one w/the the little feet and the hands forming a heart was incredibly unique. I loved all of them. Thank you for sharing. Patrick & Kristine your family is beautiful.

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