Daman and Damian’s Birthday

Daman and Damian’s Birthday

A couple weekends ago I was contacted to do a Birthday Shoot with some family portraits. It sounded like a fun family gig, so I was excited for the opportunity. It was a dual birthday for Daman and Damian (brother and sister) and boy did their parents do it right!
First I’ll start with the family pics, because it’s always best to save the best (fun) for last!

Now this party was set for the ultimate entertainment! They had a DJ (Dominant Sound), a mobile bar tender, a jump house, an ice cream man/truck (Icey Hut) and a face painter (Lynn Cole Body Art)! And not only did they have all this, but they had some amazing homemade food!
Who needs to go to Jump Zone or Chuckie Cheese when you can have it all and more in the comfort of your own home! Check out how much fun they had!

Happy Birthday Daman and Damian! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday and are grateful for those awesome parents of yours! Check back soon because I was so excited about the face painting pics, I feel that it deserves it’s own post!


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