Jamie and Erik Married at Chota Falls

Jamie and Erik Married at Chota Falls

Jamie and Erik were married in North Georgia at the gorgeous Chota Falls. It is about an hour and a half north of Atlanta, and I must say it is definitely tucked away in the mountains. To say the least we now know the area very well having gotten lost like twice trying to find it. It is a wonderful location for a wedding as they have an onsite chapel, and various lodging and/or bungalows for guests. It appeared out of the blue after traveling a dusty gravel road like something you would see on a puzzle box. And of course they have so many amazing spots to get great photos!
Check out the HDR below and some of the images of the ladies getting ready!

Jamie and Erik decided to see eachother before the ceremony so that they could get as many pictures knocked out before hand! We find this essential if your truly wanting to get the best shots possible as once the wedding ceremony starts it becomes very difficult between that and the reception to pull the couple away from the wedding party for individual shots.  It was a sweet meeting of the two and from there we were able to get a lot of great pictures around the property.

We were even able to fit in some fun shots with the wedding party by the water fall before the ceremony started! The outdoor shaded lighting was amazing for photography. You could shoot at a low iso, high shutter and small aperture to get that depth of field and detail needed in post for a great edit. I love shooting in soft natural light. It always yields perfection!

Now it was off to the chapel for the sweet but short ceremony! The chapel was very cool, while it had a clean and somewhat modern feel about it with the decor, it was still very rustic with all the beautiful wood and bright openness.  I learned later that the chapel was restored from the early 1900’s by a Chota work hand who had not to long ago passed away. Many of the Chota crew felt the architectural style of the chapel was beyond beautiful and I concurred.

Following the ceremony we were off to the reception. It was nice as the couple had already gotten so many pictures out of the way early on. They were able to relax for a minute and have a beer! Check out this awesome picture of Jamie’s niece watching the guest at cocktail hour. This was not posed and when I saw this opportunity, I was shooting faster then Arnold Swartzenager in the movie Commando.
Jamie, Erik, and their friends and family were a fantastic group to work with. Everyone was very happy for the couple as well as enjoying what appeared to be a fairly tale wedding. From the location, to the staff, to the food, to the adult beverage selections all the way to the DJ and dance floor. The evening was beautiful to say the least. I love getting to share these photography events and wish I had more time to write all there is to say about these events. I think because I stay so busy its just an impossible feet to do it all. I must thank my wife Monica Perdue for all her help in posting and writing copy for these blogs to help me keep up with all the events we continually cover. If you liked this blog, you may be interested in our personal life available at perdueosity! We hope you subscribe or frequently check back to see what we are up to.

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