Round Two for the Kneeland’s | Welcome Baby Teagan!

Round Two for the Kneeland’s | Welcome Baby Teagan!

The Kneeland Family

This past weekend we photographed, our friends, the Kneeland family with their newest addition Mary Teagan! We previously photographed their first daughter Kara for her newborn, 3 month, and one year, and were excited for the opportunity to continue their family photos for their new little one.

Teagan was such a pleasure to photograph, she was a sleepy one even for being two weeks old. Such an easy little baby girl!


It was really fun being able to capture the two girls together! While Kara wasn’t quite sure all we were doing, it was sweet when she was willing to follow instructions! A little Oreo bribing can go a long way! We got this great one and it’s almost like Kara stole the show!


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