My Biscuit’s Maternity Shoot

My Biscuit’s Maternity Shoot

This past weekend we decided to knock out Monica’s (my wife’s) maternity shoot! A good friend of mine, Elaine Hoyt and I, decided to join forces to make some magic happen!

Since Monica and I just purchased our Challenger about a month ago, and considering we’re having a little boy, we thought it would be awesome to get some shots with the Challenger to add that manliness to what is normally a very feminine shoot.

We started off in a wide open parking lot behind some warehouses in an industrial park in Buford. It was great to get some wide open shots with the car as well as test out the Challenger’s donut abilities! Afterward we headed to downtown Buford to get some more rustic shots in the alleys, etc.

Monica was such a great sport and we had a blast! Check out these awesome shots!


To see the full gallery, click here!

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  1. This shoot turned out fantastic. I love how your writing about yourself in the third person!
    “Monica was such a great sport and we had a blast!”
    That made me laugh. You were a great sport and it was a lot of fun. I love you!

  2. Nice Pics Paul, You guys look Great. Looks like twins in there!

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